70 pounds of Potato Salad!!!

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Coleslaw and Potato Salad that didn’t come from people you’ve never met in places you’ve never heard of…….

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Getting ready for our annual Sorghum Festival on Labor Day this weekend turned out to be a wonderful family friendly opportunity. It wasn’t just family friendly because my daughters and a few of their friends came to help make the food to be served. It seemed more so because we were able to help someone who wasn’t able to find all the help she needed at the last minute to make what needed making for over 1500 people coming on Monday morning.


Every year on Labor Day we celebrate the harvest (hopefully an abundant one) of our Sweet Sorghum (a molasses like syrup used to sweeten). For days before many of our young men gather together to chop the Sorghum and set it out to dry. Then on Labor Day, we invite family, friends, and the larger surrounding community to come and celebrate as we press the sorghum cane through our horse-drawn sorghum press and cook it down into jars of delicious sorghum syrup. The day is filled with abundant selections of food, crafts, demonstrations and, a good ole-fashioned bluegrass music and singing celebration.IMG_0156

All this is to say, that having the chance to work with and serve someone in your family who had a need is something that brings great joy. It’s been said that, “Love is it’s own reward”. We’re excited to share the fruit of our reward with our friends and community in the way of really good potato salad and coleslaw! Hope you can come!