Fresh squeezed juices and Fair Trade teas bring refreshment, pure and simple.

Our teas and coffees are provided by local Texas sources which shows in quality and flavor.




House Blend Coffee

A balanced blend of coffees from Brazil, Costa Rica and Sumatra with depth, body and a rich, smooth finish. Organic and Fair Trade, roasted in small batches and ground fresh at Common Grounds of Waco, Texas.


Homestead Peach

A heritage iced tea with succulent black leaf tea and blended with organic dried peaches.


Southern Iced Tea

A superb blend of organic black tea, perfect for serving cold with lemon.


Raspberry Lemonade

A fresh squeezed lemonade with bold, red raspberry notes.


Hibiscus Berry

Hearty blend of dried hibiscus flowers with an infusion of organic elderberry, red currant and a touch of rosehips.



Cafe Bottled Water

State-of-the-art purified water locally bottled in Central Texas.


Izzie Sparklers

All natural juice beverage in Sparkling Blackberry or Sparkling Grapefruit.


Creme Soda

A delicious cream soda made with bourbon vanilla extract and crafted in small batches.


Root Beer

This natural brew soda brings a complex flavor of vanilla, anise, sasparilla, licorice root and birch oil.