French Toast with Roasted Apples!!!

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This morning’s breakfast special has turned out to be a whopper!  It was French Toast with Roasted Apples.  We take two pieces of Artisan Ovens fresh Challah bread and make classic French toast. Then we cover them with apples roasted in cinnamon butter and smother them with vanilla custard and caramel sauce!

French Toast with Roasted Apples

French Toast with Roasted Apples: French toast topped with roasted apples, vanilla custard and caramel sauce. Served with a side of grass-fed beef breakfast sausage links.

We ran out of this special at 9:00 a.m.!!! I don’t if it’s the time of year for the warm ‘appley’ (don’t know if that’s a word) feeling or what, but we went through two loaves of challah bread in just over an hour. I ran up to Homestead Grocery Store to see if they had any spare loaves and to our great disappointment, they were also out. So……rather than pull the special completely, we replaced the challah bread with our fresh Artisan Ovens Whole Wheat bread and voila! It was just as delicious, just slightly less puffy!

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